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Japanalia on little yellow and pink chrysanthemums
These are most ornamental! It would make a great wallpaper!

Japanalia on pink spider curls
Oh,yes...when they beckon you cannot refrain from trying to capture that delicate touch in the curls.

Japanalia on pink petals
A great feeling in this photo of decorating petals....Good focus and lovely colours!

Japanalia on two crows sittin' in a tree
What intimacy! You captured well their closeness, mother and babe? The one on the right looks young...and in their ...

Riccardo on pink spider curls
Nice nice one!

Riccardo on pink petals
Great macro work!!

Aubélia on pretty in pink
Very beautiful

Katalog Stron on two crows sittin' in a tree
great image,exellent compo,bravo

Violet on two crows sittin' in a tree
Love the definition of the feathers in this shot!

Betsy Barron on pink spider curls
oooooh! just like tentacles!

Betsy Barron on pink petals
gorgeous color

Curly on pink petals
Fabulous colourful macro work.

Verónica on pink petals
Wow!! it seems like the petals are touching themselfs to the wind's rhythm. Simply beautiful

Elora on pink petals
Beautiful - they look like feathers!

Elena Kotrotsou on pink petals
Amazing macro! Five stars.

Franz on a friendly wave
gorgeous use of focus, fantastic colours!

Vinay on a friendly wave
Lovely DOF.

DIMITRIOS on a friendly wave

Didier DE ZAN on a friendly wave
Beautiful shot

mimicy on pink spider curls
Très original ... compliments

Florence on pink spider curls
Exquisite macro and gorgeous colors. Perfect focus.

Curly on pink spider curls
Superb macro image!

Didier DE ZAN on pink spider curls
Very beautiful macro

mimicy on white spider chrysanthemum
Très belle macro ... beaucoup de netteté ... compliments

Franz on white spider chrysanthemum
beautiful flower portrait! (gabriella, is this you ?!?)

Gabriela N. on little yellow and pink chrysanthemums

Franz on little yellow and pink chrysanthemums
such beautiful colours in a great frame!

tulip on little yellow and pink chrysanthemums

Iknow on little yellow and pink chrysanthemums
love this for the quite vivid color tone and the beautiful compo,a really joyful shot:) regards!

tulip on cascading chrysanthemums
very nice

tulip on yellow chrysanthemums

tulip on hot pink
very nice photo

tulip on warm yellow

tulip on 大菊 ('big chrysanthemums')
very nice

tulip on pink chrysanthemums
very good photo

tulip on chrysanthemum curls

tulip on the flower of medusa

tulip on chrysanthemum close-up
very beautiful

Tami on the last lotus
Dramatic colors, lines, details...caught my eye instantly and kept it for a while. Mezmerizing.

Tami on Who will win the staring contest?
Very refined...I know in shooting my black cats the camera has trouble focusing....I'm sure the same with a white ...

Tami on chrysanthemum close-up
Nice shot. It looks like a fluffy petal bed I want to snuggle up in all day!

sunstone_maria on chrysanthemum close-up
oh, very sweet and beautiful!

Dolors on Who will win the staring contest?

ORBIT on chrysanthemum curls
BEAUTIFUL. Good job, Bravo. : )

Gregory J. Buckland on chrysanthemum curls
Simply beautiful! Nature can't be outdone - great capture!

Leeswammes (Judith) on chrysanthemum curls
Very striking. And yes, almost like a meringue.

mimicy on chrysanthemum curls
magnifique netteté des pétales ... bravo

Curly on chrysanthemum curls
Fabulous macro shot, so full of sharp detail.

Violet on chrysanthemum curls
These don't look like petals at all. More like delicious meringue. :)

Violet on 大菊 ('big chrysanthemums')
Wow. Have never seen such gorgeous chrysanths as this. Beautiful!

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